Finance Department
HOD User IDs
S.No Department AP User ID TS User ID
  1     2     3  
1 Additional Director General, Drugs Control Administration ADGDCA TS_ADGDCA
2 Addl.D.G.P. Intelligence INTD TS_INTD
3 Addl.D.G.P. Training ADGPT TS_ADGPT
4 Andhra Pradesh Human Rights Commission APHRC TS_APHRC
5 Anti Corruption Bureau ACB TS_ACB
6 A.P. Academy of Rural Development APARD TS_APARD
7 A.P. Administrative Tribunal APAT TS_APAT
8 A.P. Administrative Tribunal(Hon'ble Members) APATHM TS_APATHM
9 A.P. Forensic Science Laboratory FSL TS_FSL
10 A.P. Police Academy APPA TS_APPA
11 A.P. Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal APSTAT TS_APSTAT
12 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:01 APSPB1 TS_APSPB1
13 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:02 APSPB2 TS_APSPB2
14 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:03 APSPB3 TS_APSPB3
15 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:04 APSPB4 TS_APSPB4
16 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:05 APSPB5 TS_APSPB5
17 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:06 APSPB6 TS_APSPB6
18 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:07 APSPB7 TS_APSPB7
19 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:08 APSPB8 TS_APSPB8
20 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:09 APSPB9 TS_APSPB9
21 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:10 APSPB10 TS_APSPB10
22 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:11 APSPB11 TS_APSPB11
23 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:12 APSPB12 TS_APSPB12
24 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:13 APSPB13 TS_APSPB13
25 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:14 APSPB14 TS_APSPB14
26 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:15 APSPB15 TS_APSPB15
27 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:16 APSPB16 TS_APSPB16
28 A.P. Special Police - Battalion:17 APSPB17 TS_APSPB17
29 A.P. Special Protection Force APSPF TS_APSPF
30 A.P. State Consumer Redressal Commission APSCRC TS_APSCRC
31 A.P. State Disaster Response and Fire Services Department DGFS TS_DGFS
32 A.P. State Transport Appellate Tribunal APTAT TS_APTAT
33 A.P. Vigilance Commission APVC TS_APVC
34 A.P. WAKF Tribunal APWT TS_APWT
35 Chairman Cum Presiding Officer, Additional Industrial Tribunal Hyderabad CPAITH TS_CPAITH
36 Chairman Cum Presiding Officer, Industrial Tribunal cum Labour Court at Anantapur CPITLCA TS_CPITLCA
37 Chairman Cum Presiding Officer, Industrial Tribunal cum Labour Court at Guntur CPITLCG TS_CPITLCG
38 Chairman Cum Presiding Officer, Industrial Tribunal cum Labour Court at Hyderabad II CPITLCH2 TS_CPITLCH2
39 Chairman Cum Presiding Officer, Industrial Tribunal cum Labour Court at Karimnagar CPITLCK TS_CPITLCK
40 Chairman Cum Presiding Officer, Industrial Tribunal cum Labour Court at Visakhapatnam CPITLCV TS_CPITLCV
41 Chairman Cum Presiding Officer, Industrial Tribunal cum Labour Court at Warangal CPITLCW TS_CPITLCW
42 Chief Commissioner of Land Administration CCLA TS_CCLA
43 Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (Spl.Grade Dy.Collectors and Dy.Collectors) CCLAB TS_CCLAB
44 Chief Electrical Inspector CEISP TS_CEISP
45 Chief Engineer, Tribal Welfare CETW TS_CETW
46 Commerce & Export Promotion Wing CEPW TS_CEPW
47 Commissioner and Director of Sugar Cane Commissioner CDSCC TS_CDSCC
48 Commissioner / Director for Commercial Taxes CDCT TS_CDCT
49 Commissioner / Director for Co-operation & Registrar of Co-operative Societies CDCRCS TS_CDCRCS
50 Commissioner / Director, Information & Public Relations CDIPR TS_CDIPR
51 Commissioner / Director Juvenile Welfare & Correctional Services CDJWC TS_CDJWC
52 Commissioner / Director of Backward Classes CDBC TS_CDBC
53 Commissioner / Director of Collegiate Education CDCE TS_CDCE
54 Commissioner / Director of Employment & Training CDET TS_CDET
55 Commissioner / Director of Fisheries CDFSH TS_CDFSH
56 Commissioner / Director of Handlooms and Textiles CDHT TS_CDHT
57 Commissioner / Director of Indian Medicine & Homeopathy CDIMH TS_CDIMH
58 Commissioner / Director of Industries CDIND TS_CDIND
59 Commissioner / Director of Intermediate Education CDINTE TS_CDINTE
60 Commissioner / Director of Labour CDLABB TS_CDLABB
61 Commissioner / Director of Marketing CDMRKT TS_CDMRKT
62 Commissioner / Director of Panchayat Raj CDPR TS_CDPR
63 Commissioner / Director of Prohibition and Excise CDPRE TS_CDPRE
64 Commissioner / Director of Rural Development CDRD TS_CDRD
65 Commissioner / Director of Sericulture CDSCR TS_CDSCR
66 Commissioner / Director of Social Welfare CDSW TS_CDSW
67 Commissioner / Director of State Archives & Research Institute CDSARI TS_CDSARI
68 Commissioner / Director of State Ports CDSP TS_CDSP
69 Commissioner / Director of Technical Education CDTE TS_CDTE
70 Commissioner / Director of Tourism CDTRM TS_CDTRM
71 Commissioner / Director of Transport CDTRPT TS_CDTRPT
72 Commissioner / Director of Tribal Welfare CDTWF TS_CDTWF
73 Commissioner / Director, Women Development & Child Welfare CDWDCW TS_CDWDCW
74 Commissioner, Minorities Welfare CMW TS_CMW
75 Commissioner of Disabled Welfare CDWF TS_CDWF
76 Commissioner of Economics and Statistics CECST TS_CECST
77 Commissioner of Family Welfare, Hyderabad CFWH TS_CFWH
78 Commissioner of Government Examinations CGVTE TS_CGVTE
79 Commissioner Of Printing, Stationery & Stores Purchase CPSSP TS_CPSSP
80 Commissioner of Weaker Section Housing Programme CWSHP TS_CWSHP
81 Commisssioner, Resettlement & Rehabilitation CRR TS_CRR
82 Controller of Legal Metrology CLMET TS_CLMET
83 Crime Investigation Department CID TS_CID
84 Director, Electronically Deliverable Services EDS TS_EDS
85 Director General, Dr. Marri Channa Reddy Human Resource Development Institute (IOA) MCRHRD TS_MCRHRD
86 Director General & Inspector General of Police (DSPs, Addl.SPs, SPs) DGIGPB TS_DGIGPB
87 Director General & Inspector General of Prisons and correctional Services DGIGPCS TS_DGIGPCS
88 Director General, Organisation of Counter Terrorist Operations (OCTOPUS) OCTOPUS TS_OCTOPUS
89 Director, National Cadet Corps DNCC TS_DNCC
90 Director of Adult Education DAUDE TS_DAUDE
91 Director of Animal Husbandry DAHUS TS_DAHUS
92 Director of Boilers DBLR TS_DBLR
93 Director of Cultural Affairs DCAFR TS_DCAFR
94 Director of Govt. Oriental Manuscripts Library and Research Institute DGOMLR TS_DGOMLR
95 Director of Ground Water Department DGWD TS_DGWD
96 Director of Institute of Preventive Medicine, Public Health, Lab. Food (Health) Administration DIPM TS_DIPM
97 Director of Insurance DINS TS_DINS
98 Director of Insurance Medical Services DIMS TS_DIMS
99 Director of Jawahar Bal Bhavan DJBB TS_DJBB
100 Director of Medical Education, Hyderabad DMEH TS_DMEH
101 Director of Mines and Geology DMIGE TS_DMIGE
102 Director of Prosecutions DPRSC TS_DPRSC
103 Director of Protocol DPRCL TS_DPRCL
104 Director of Public Libraries & Registrar of Publications DPLRP TS_DPLRP
105 Director of Sainik Welfare DSWEF TS_DSWEF
106 Director of State Audit DSADT TS_DSADT
107 Director of Town and Country Planning DTCP TS_DTCP
108 Director of Translations DTRLS TS_DTRLS
109 Director of Treasuries and Accounts DTRAC TS_DTRAC
110 Director of Works Accounts DWACT TS_DWACT
111 Director of Youth Services DYUS TS_DYUS
112 District Gazetters Department DGD TS_DGD
113 Engineer-in-Chief Panchayat Raj ECPR TS_ECPR
114 Engineer-in-Chief, Public Health ECPH TS_ECPH
115 Engineer-in-Chief, Roads and Buildings ECRB TS_ECRB
116 Engineer-in-Chief Rural Water Supply / Chief Engineer, Rural Water Supply, Hyderabad ENCRWS TS_ENCRWS
117 Government Pleaders Office GPO TS_GPO
118 I.G. Grey Hounds GRH TS_GRH
119 Inspector General of Registration and Stamps IGRS TS_IGRS
120 Lok-Ayuktha & Upa-Lokayuktha LAUL TS_LAUL
121 Member Secretary, State Legal Services Authority MSSLA TS_MSSLA
122 Office of the Advocate General OAG TS_OAG
123 Pay & Accounts Officer, Hyderabad PAOH TS_PAOH
124 Police Communication Organisation PCO TS_PCO
125 Police Computer Services & Standardization PCSS TS_PCSS
126 Principal Chief Conservator of Forests PCCF TS_PCCF
127 Public Prosecutors Office PPO TS_PPO
128 Railway Police Units RPU TS_RPU
129 Registrar, A.P. High Court APHC TS_APHC
130 Resident commissioner, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, New Delhi RCAPB TS_RCAPB
131 State Council of Educational Research & Training SCERAT TS_SCERAT
132 State Institue of Educational Technology SIET TS_SIET
133 The Presiding Officer, Labour Court I Hyderabad POLCH1 TS_POLCH1
134 The Presiding Officer, Labour Court II Hyderabad POLCH2 TS_POLCH2
135 The Presiding Officer, Labour Court III Hyderabad POLCH3 TS_POLCH3
136 Tribunal for Disciplinary Proceedings TDPCD TS_TDPCD
137 Water and Land Management Training and Research Institute WLMTR TS_WLMTR
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