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»    Nodal officers of all departments Dt:25-03-2014
»   AP Reorganisation
»   Secretaries Meeting-05.03.2014

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Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 for bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh received the President's assent on 01 March 2014. The ''appointed day'' for the new States' formation is 02 June 2014. The Act requires the State of Andhra Pradesh to initiate activities related to creation of successor states including the apportionment of assets, liabilities, employees, contracts etc. between the two successor states. To facilitate this exercise, this website provides relevant information on the AP Reogranisation Act 2014, Committees constituted by the Government for the purpose, Gazette notifications, circulars and memos for the departments, forms/templates to be filled by the departments and other day-to-day updates. This website also helps the departments upload information pertaining to key action areas on the departmental login and helps the senior officials to regularly monitor the progress in preparatory activities.

State Reorganisation Cell »

1) Sri S.P.Tucker, IAS.,
Special Chief Secretary to Government,
Planning Department
2) Sri K.Ramakrishna Rao, IAS.,
Special Secretary, Finance
3) Sri N.Sivasankar, IAS.,
Secretary to Govt. (Poll.),
General Administration Department
4) Sri B.Venkatesham, IAS.,
Managing Director,
Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation
5) Sri V.S.K.Kaumudi, IPS.,
Additional Director General of Police, (L&O),
O/o the Director General of Police,
6) Sri R.G.Kalaghatgi, IFS.,
Additional Principal Conservator of Forests(Admn.),
O/o Principal Chief Conservator of Forests,
7) Sri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS.,
Vice-Chairman & Managing Director,
Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure
Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad
Member- Secretary

Reorganisation Cell »

For any Technical help please contact on all Working Days
Between 10:30 am to 05:00 pm

Reorganisation Cell »

Important Notice to HODs and DDOs
The Contracts Committee Meeting on 29th March 2014
1. Last date for online data entry of all current Agreements/ Contracts is extended up to 5th April 2014 .
2. All HODs of Departments, State Public Sector Corporations , Municipal Corporations shall complete the data entry related to all current Agreements/ Contracts by 5th April 2014 positively.
3. HODs are advised to direct their DDOs to ensure the following by 5th April 2014 positively.
(a). Rectification of data entry mistakes for already entered contract/Agreement data through 'Edit' option
(b). Update Amount paid, Amount yet to be paid, balance amount required to complete at columns 19,20, 21 of the online 'Form- I' based on the latest figures as on 31st March 2014 through 'Edit' option.
(c). Remove all such contract records for which 'Final bill' was paid during March 2014 through 'Delete' option
4. HODs shall validate the information provided in Form I by their DDOs through random sample check (atleast 10% of all records) of Contracts that exclusively belong to either of the States i.e., A.P(Residual), Telangana
5. HODs shall validate the information provided in Form I for all the Contracts/ Agreements that have bearing on both states after the appointed date.
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